SOCIAL WATCH REPORT 2011 - Editors’ guidelines for national reports

Table of contents

 Bearing in mind today’s unprecedented coincidence of global crises and the pressing need to find alternative models of sustainability, the Social Watch Accra Assembly decided that the theme of the 2011 Social Watch Report is sustainable development.

The report will be presented in the context of the preparations for the Rio + 20 Summit in 2012 at a critical juncture: time has come to open up new ways to move ahead, to learn lessons from the world crises –economic, financial, climate and food- and to re-think our goals and strategies for development and social progress, in the South as well as in the North. 

To reach this objective each and every national report in the SW 2011 Report is a vital element, beyond the great plans and paradigms that are involved, the Social Watch organizations know better than anyone what the real situation at the national and sub national level is. It is these specific contributions that give the report its overall meaning.

In this page you will find a collection of resources that will help Social Watch members to write national reports:

  • An introduction to the concept of sustainable development
  • An editor’s guideline on how to write a national report
  • A Frequently Asked Questions section that collects usual inquiries.


The deadline for sending in the national reports is 14 March 2011.

A report can have no more than 1,700 words with two charts or tables, or 2,300 words without tables or charts.

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