Ruben Ayala, Voces Paraguay,
(Photo: SPP)

Source: Campaña por la Expresión Ciudadana

The telecommunications bill that is currently before the Paraguayan Parliament does not establish media communications as a universal right of all citizens but considers it a product in the market place. According to Rubén Ayala, the coordinator of the Association of Community Radio and Alternative Media (Voces Paraguay), in a statement on the portal of the Campaign for Citizens Expression (Campaña por la Expresión Ciudadana), the focal point of Social Watch in the country, one of the motives behind this restrictive proposed legislation is that it would limit the power of community radio stations and civil society organizations and prevent them from obtaining finance by selling advertising. 

The Zambia We Want Campaign
launch. (Photo: Women for Change)

Sources: IPS, Women in News

Women must "start working hard" to have a stronger political representation and to include gender issues for the 2016 elections, given they are not properly represented for the September 20 general elections, said Emily Sikazwe, the executive director of Women for Change, a gender focused non-governmental organization working with communities, especially women and children in rural areas and national focal point of Social Watch in this African country.

Source: The Star of Malaysia

The US credit downgrade – coming after a weak solution to its debt ceiling crisis and signs of a new recession – is forecasting greater turmoil ahead in the global economy, according to the latest column written by Martin Khor, executive director of South Centre, for The Star, one of the leading newspapers in Malaysia. Even non-specialists comprehend that there is a serious governance problem in the US which is affecting the rest of the world.

Crowded buses at one of the rare
times Rafah Crossing has been open.
(Photo: Muhammad Sabah/B'Tselem)

Source: International Solidarity Movement

Dozens of Arab and international organizations and leading personalities have joined this week an urgent call launched from Gaza to permanently re-open the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt, which remains tightly restricted despite the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in February. 

Herbert de Souza, Betinho, founder
of Ibase. (Photo: Ibase/Flickr)

Source: Ibase

The Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analysis (Ibase), which is dedicated to strengthening democracy and affirming active citizenship, is one of the focal points of Social Watch in this Latin American country. It celebrated its 30th anniversary on Tuesday this week, and up to the middle of September it will be holding a series of commemorative activities opened by ex-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.



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