Jejomar Binay. (Photo:
Pilippine VP Office)

Sources: The Philippine StarThe Daily Tribune.

Leading Philippine newspapers and other media are paying attention to the Social Watch 2011 Global Assembly that will begin tomorrow in Manila. The participation of Vice President Jejomar Binay in the first session, where he will deliver the inaugural speech, was stressed by The Philippine Star, The Daily Tribune and InterAksion, news portal of TV5.

Protests in Cairo. (Photo:
Danish-Egyptian Dialogue

Source: Al Ahram On Line.

Revolutionary political parties and civil society organizations that have been participating in a sit-in in Tahrir Square since last Friday, including the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE, focal point of Social Watch), issued a statement on Sunday stressing their demands and calling for a million people to march on Tuesday. 

The Coordinating Committee
elected in Accra, 2009.
(Photo: Social Watch)

Source: Social Watch.

Social Watch will define its strategy for the next years in its Global Assembly, which will bring together next week in Manila, Philippines, the diverse membership of the network. Representatives designated by national coalitions from over 70 countries of all continents will participate: women groups, human rights activists, unionists and campaigners for social justice. During three days, they will be discussing the new challenges brought about by the global crises and the civil society responses to it. 

Arab Spring at Tahrir Square.
(Photo: Jonathan Rashad/
Creative Commons)

Sources: The GuardianInter Press ServiceANND's statement.

Egypt's government decided not to borrow from the IMF, and the Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND) warned that conditions attached to lending by development banks --as liberalisation of trade, investment and deregulation advocated by the US and the EU-- had contributed to the current unrest in the Arab world, reported the British newspaper The Guardian. 

Joseph Stiglitz.
(Photo: Stiglitz's site)

Sources: NGO Committee on Financing for Development, Social Justice in Global Development

Many civil society organisatiosn have been working on the establishment of an “Ad hoc panel of experts on the world financial and economic crisis and its impact on development”, which was a proposal first made by the Stiglitz Commission at the UN Conference on the financial crisis and later by the Group of 77, representative of the developing countries. They are calling on non-governmental organizations from all over the world to sign an open letter to reinforce the request, that is going to be discussed  at the upcoming deliberations of the UN Economic and Social Council (Ecosoc) in Geneva.

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