Social Watch India launched its
latest report. (Photo: SWIndia)

Source: Social Watch India

Most of the 70,000 complaints filed every year at the National Human Rights Commission of India “are against police”, said Dr. K. S.Subramanian, former policeman and author of the report “Social Watch India Perspective Series Vol.:3”, launched last week.

ILO Director-General, Juan
Somavia. (Photo: ILO)

Source: Social Watch

“The current growth model that has evolved since the early 1980s has become economically inefficient, socially unstable, environmentally damaging and politically unsustainable. So it must be changed. But getting there will probably lead to increased social conflict,” said Juan Somavia, ILO Director General, in his message to the Social Watch Global Assembly in Manila.

The Social Watch Global
Assembly finished on Friday.
(Photo: SW)

Source: Social Watch

International advocates of social and economic justice attending the 5th Social Watch Global Assembly in Manila urged governments to ratify the implementation of Convention 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers following its adoption by the United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) in June.

Economist Armine Yalnizyan.
(Photo: Canadian Centre for
Policy Alternatives)

Source: The Star.

Income inequality in Canada is widening as the rich get richer while poor and middle-income people lose ground, says the Conference Board of Canada in a report released Wednesday, according to The Star newspaper.

“While the poor are minimally better off in an absolute sense, they are significantly worse off in a relative sense. And where is the middle-class in all of this? These are important questions for society,” said board president Anne Golden in an interview.

The 33-year trend which has accelerated since 1993 raises questions about the country’s economic well-being, including whether Canada is using all the skills and talents of its citizens and whether social cohesion and fairness are being undermined, says the report titled "How Canada Performs: Is Canada becoming more unequal?"

Co-chairs of Social Watch Tanya Dawkins
and Emily Sikazwe, SW Philipines lead
convenor Leonor Briones and convenor
Marivic Raquiza, SW coordinator Roberto Bissio
and vice president of the Philippines
Jejomar Binay. (Photo: Social Watch)

Sources: Manila BulletinGMA News.

Philippine government has no reason to apologize for the persistent diaspora of workers, said Vice President Jejomar Binay in the opening session of the 5th Social Watch Global Assembly on Tuesday in Manila, according to Manila Bulletin newspaper.



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