New Social Watch reports available at the web site

A number of Social Watch reports have been published over the first few months of 2010. In addition to the French version of the international annual report, the regional Arab report and several annual reports from the national Social Watch coalitions in Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Spain have been published. 

Whilst the French report is a point-by-point repetition of the international report which has already been distributed worldwide in English and Spanish, the reports from the Arab region, as well as from the national coalitions in Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Spain provide an analysis of their specific contexts.

National coalition publications use Social Watch annual reports, specifically the Basic Capabilities Index (BCI), the Gender Equity Index (GEI) and the network’s annual report, and adapt the information provided to their regional realities. In the case of Spain’s report, which is produced by Platform 2015 and Beyond, it is worth noting that it has also made use of the report published by Economists Without Frontiers and has analysed the progress and regressions of the Millennium Development Goals.

The stature of these reports was made evident by the participation at the launching ceremony of the Czech Republic report of Alena Gajduskova, Vice-President of the Czech Senate, who contributed to discussions on the situation of women in that country.

As is the case with Social Watch’s various publications, these reports constitute essential tools for analysis and awareness-raising by collectives, organizations and political actors.

The reports may be downloaded in their original languages from the following addresses:

Czech Republic
Arab Region: Availabe soon at
Annual Report in French: