UNODC report presents data on transnational organized crime

In July 2010 the UNDOC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) launched the report: "The Globalization of Crime: A Transnational Organized Crime Threat Assessment". It is the first ever “threat assessment”, that tries to fill a knowledge gap and pave the way for future world crime reports. It focuses on trafficking flows, connects the dots between regions, and gives a global overview of illicit markets: it reports about the ways and means international mafias have grown into an international problem.

This report focuses on documenting distinct “flows”, of people and goods, as examples of organized crime problems. This allows discussion of concrete details on how the trafficking is being conducted and who is involved. It also allows more accurate estimation of the size of the flow than is generally possible when speaking in global terms.

The perspective contributed by this global study aims to question some issues on combating transnational organized crime like: how inadequate national response can be, the fact that states should to look beyond borders to protect their sovereignty and the MDGs role as an antidote to crime, creating conditions of stability and security.