The G20 should listen to the people instead of bankers say civil society organizations

A declaration signed by nearly 200 civil societey organizations, networks and trade unions around the world demand world leaders of the G20 gathering in Seoul, Korea to listen to their citizens instead of to the bankers and urge them to make concrete progress towards the introduction of an internationally coordinated financial transactions tax (FTT).

These organizations have long advocated that such taxes are a practical way to generate revenues needed to fill domestic and international financing gaps, discourage the type of short-term financial speculation that has little social value but poses high risks to the economy and serve as a desperately-needed and sustainable source of financing for health and development. In recent months, the case for an FTT has been strengthened with new inputs from sometimes unexpected sources. There is no reason to delay.

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Susana Ruiz (in Seoul / G20) + 82 (0)10 8062 3180 / 
Marisa Kohan (prensa en Madrid) + 34 699 984 800 /