Mapping poverty in the EU : 2010 European Social Watch Report released

This edition of the European Social Watch report focuses on social exclusion in Europe from different angles, including employment, healthcare, housing and financial exclusion. It also examines the reality of people particularly vulnerable to poverty and social exclusion, such as migrants and Roma.

Special attention is given to the gender dimension of poverty, as well as the age dimension ; the report finds that young people and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to poverty and forms of social exclusion.

In its chapter, EPHA argues that, despite the EU’s commitment, access to health is only ‘universal’ in principle. Inequalities in access to health services prevail in all EU countries and are on the rise. A person’s socioeconomic status strongly determines their ability to access health services, placing vulnerable groups in an unequal position. The economic crisis has served to worsen this situation as the health sector has been targeted for cuts in public spending.

In addition, the report covers the national situation in several European countries.

European Social Watch Report 2010 ’Time for Action : Responding to Poverty, Social Exclusion and Inequality in Europe and Beyond’

EPHA’s contribution to the report : ’Access to Health Services in the EU’



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