Palestinian NGOs Condemn Killing of Vittorio Arrigoni

Source: PNGO

The Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) condemned the kidnapping and killing of Vittorio Arrigoni, an Italian supporter of the Palestinian cause, in Gaza. This crime was done by individuals who don't represent the Palestinians and their values, traditions, struggle, and cause, said the organisation.

Italian activist Vittorio Arrigone, member of the International Solidarity Movement who helped farmers and fishers in Gaza and the Palestinian prisoners and their families, was killed by the extremist group Monoteism and Holly War on 14 April. Before that, he had been injured and arrested by the Israeli occupation forces, but he insisted with his actions in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

PNGO payd its sincere condolences to Arrigoni's family and friends, to the Italian people and to the Palestinian victims who used to receive his invaluable help.

The Network also called the government in Gaza to pursue the criminals who killed Arrigoni and present them to justice, and to prevent such crimes.

PNGO is sure that the International Solidarity Movement will maintain its activity in Gaza, besieged and attacked by the Israeli occupation.

Demonstration in Ramallah for Palestinian Unity

On 17 April 2011, the PNGO organized a demonstration at Manara Square in Ramallah. National figures, representatives of Palestinian political parties, members of Legislative Councils, NGOs, popular institutions and youthsl participated in the protest.

Demonstrators demanded protection for the freedom of speech and expression, and the end of the political arrests in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and of the arbitrary firings.

They also urged the political Palestinian parties to defend the freedoms and the people’s dignity, and to put an end to the Palestinian internal political divisions.