PNGO Network welcomed the Palestinian reconciliation agreement


Source: PNGO (

The Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO, focal point of Social Watch in Gaza and the West Bank) welcomed the national reconciliation agreement that put an end to the tragic stage of division between the two major political parties, Fatah and Hamas. 

PNGO called for immediate actions to implement the agreement through concrete steps, including the release of all political prisoners from both sides, the reopening of institutions and societies closed by the authorities in the West Bank (governed by Fatah) and Gaza (governed by Hamas), and the end of all media campaigns promoted by both parties that might disturb the current positive atmosphere. 

PNGO highlighted the importance of forming a national government of unity, and providing an appropriate climate by protecting the public freedoms of the Palestinian people. 

Towards establishing a real national unity and conducting the Palestinian National Council’s election, PNGO believes that it is vital to conduct a comprehensive review of the previous political stage among all of the political spectrums.

The new government will restore political unity for the first time since 2007, when Hamas routed forces of President Mahmoud Abbas, ousted his Fatah movement and took over Gaza by force.

The deal was brokered in April by Egypt's interim government. The new Palestinian authorities will be tasked with preparing for presidential and legislative elections within a year

Upon the initiative of PNGO, thousands of Palestinians gathered on the last months in several demonstrations to express their rejection of the Palestinian internal division and call on Fatah and Hamas to end it.

PNGO viewed the internal division as threat to the Palestinians’ aspirations and national struggle against occupation.