Egypt: Civil society and political parties to march again

Protests in Cairo. (Photo:
Danish-Egyptian Dialogue

Source: Al Ahram On Line.

Revolutionary political parties and civil society organizations that have been participating in a sit-in in Tahrir Square since last Friday, including the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE, focal point of Social Watch), issued a statement on Sunday stressing their demands and calling for a million people to march on Tuesday. 

The text states that the concessions made so far by Prime Minister Essam Sharaf came only after pressure was exerted by the sit-in, reported Al Ahram On Line, a leading Egyptian news portal.

The sit-in will continue in order to accomplish demands such as: the public trial of all officers involved in the killing of the martyrs of the Egyptian Revolution; quick and public trial of the Mubarak family and the symbols of corruption of the former regime; annulment of all rulings by military courts against civilians and referring them civil courts and bringing a complete end to military trials of civilians; revoking the anti-strikes and anti-demonstrations law; limiting the authority of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and increasing government authority in applying its policies, including its right to reshuffle ministers and governors; and repealing the new state budget and drawing up a new budget favouring the poor. 

A very similar second statement was released by the National Council and its constituent groups, as well as the Federation of Independent Trade Unions.