Israeli forces arrest Gaza patients looking for medical treatment in West Bank

Waiting in the Erez Crossing.
(Photo: Rima Merriman/
Electronic Intifada)

Source: PressTV: 

The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO, focal point of Social Watch) warned about a rise in the number of residents in Gaza looking for medical treatment in the West Bank who are arrested by Israeli forces at the Erez crossing. 

“Those patients are not only humiliated at the Erez crossing (in Northern Gaza). They are also being arrested every now and then. The number of arrests continues to increase. We call on the international community to step in and put an end to the sufferings of the people in Gaza,” said Amjad al-Shawwa, of PNGO, to Iranian news network PressTV.

The Israeli siege on Gaza has led to an acute shortage of equipment and medicine in the hospitals of the territory. The situation is especially serious for patients with chronic illnesses and those who require urgent surgery. 

Israeli forces took Gaza resident Aed Zeyadeh into custody in the Erez crossing last week. “He hoped to receive treatment in the West Bank but he was arrested, although the Israeli security agency had granted him an exit permit,” said Yousef Modallal, of the Gaza Ministry of Health, to Press TV on Monday. 

“This shows that the permit was nothing but a bait to lure him into prison,” Modallal added.