SOCIAL WATCH E-NEWSLETTER - Issue 73 - february 10 , 2012

Issue 73 - february 10 , 2012

Syria: Stop the massacre!

The Syrian city of Homs continues under assault by the Army, and the death toll is rising by the hour, say Lebanese sources close to Social Watch situated just a few kilometers away from the attacks. The situation has evolved into a systematic massacre and a humanitarian crisis, according to these reliable reports received by our colleagues on-site.
Hundreds of deaths, thousands of injured people and the mounting hardships of the civilian population challenge all of us to stay informed, circulate the news and mobilize to demand all leaders of the world to stop the bloodshed.


The Arab revolution demands a renewed role for the State

A scene of the Tunisian Revolution.
(Photo: cjb22/Flickr/CC)

According to the Social Watch 2012 report on the Arab world, last year’s revolutions in that region “reflect the connection between sustainable development, democratic government and freedom” and the search for “a renewed role for the State” as a “leading actor” in “the reform of development paradigms”. This demand also applies to the whole of the developing South.
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Favourable conditions for developing countries are no longer sustainable

Developing countries could be badly hit by the new global downturn, warned participants in a South Centre conference that also discussed on Feb 2-3 in Geneva the state of WTO negotiations. Martin Khor, Executive Director of this intergovernmental policy think tank of developing countries, gave a report on the conference in his most recent column for The Star, one of the leading Malaysian newspapers.
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Deficits in transparency and regulatory oversight of GM insects

A team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Germany found critical failures in the regulatory processes of the first three countries (Malaysia, US and the Cayman Islands) permitting releases of genetically modified insects in terms of transparency and scientific quality, reported the Third World Network Biosafety Information Service.
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Iraqi legislators committed to ensure women’s rights

Members of the Iraqi Parliament promised to make serious efforts to approve laws in order to ensure all women the enjoyment of their social and economic rights, guaranteed by the Constitution, at the request of Iraqi Al-Amal Association, focal point of Social Watch in that country.
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Senegal: Social Watch Benin asks president Wade to retire peacefully

The civil society organizations gathered in Social Watch Benin invited the incumbent President of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, who is seeking a third term in office, “to take a peaceful retirement,” the network said in a statement published on Thursday.
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Canada: What economic recovery?

Political leaders boast that the Canadian economy has fully recovered from the recession, and that it was not as severe there as it was in other countries. It turns out that both of those claims are false because they don't take population growth into consideration, according to a study released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA, one of the focal points of Social Watch)
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