Cyprus: Kick-off meeting for the Mediterranean Migration Network

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The Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN) was officially launched during a two-day kick-off meeting in Nicosia, on March 1-2. The meeting was organized by the MMN coordinator, the research and development centre CARDET, focal point of Social Watch in Cyprus.

Present at the meeting were the Minister of Interior of Cyprus, Neoclis Sylikiotis, the Rector at the University of Nicosia, Dr. Michalis Attalides, and representatives from public and private organizations from that country and the rest of Europe.

Among the organizations represented were the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Migration Policy Group (MPG) based in Brussels, Oxfam Italia, the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers from the Netherlands, the High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue (ACIDI) from Portugal, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, the Civil Registry and Migration Department, other relevant public services, NGOs, and Union representatives.

The objectives of the meeting were to understand the mission and objectives of the Mediterranean Migration Network and discuss its role within the EU and the region: to identify needs and challenges faced by members and explore ways in which the network can help address some of the challenges; and to discuss the Mediterranean Migration Network’s activities and ways in which members can contribute.

During the meeting, participants were teamed into working groups of 3-4 persons. Each working group identified, presented and discussed relevant needs and challenges which the integration and migration stakeholders face in their fields of work and action.

Following that session, participants discussed the potential role of the MMN and how it could address some of the needs and challenges identified. Furthermore, participants discussed the upcoming activities that will be developed in the context of the network, such as online debates, discussion papers, study visits, and seminars.

The mission of the network is to provide a forum for public and private organizations in the EU-Mediterranean region, active in migration and integration, to collaborate, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

The specific objectives of the network are to exchange information and best practices on the organizational structures of stakeholders active in the fields of migration, integration and diversity; to develop a collaborative framework among national and European public services and other relevant stakeholders; to develop and manage a database of resources on migration, integration and diversity; to build the professional capacity of the Network’s members through educational material and activities, and to promote the further collaboration among members of the MMN.

The MME is managed by the non-profit centre CARDET in cooperation with the consultancy firm INNOVADE. The project “Establishment of Multilateral Networks with Mediterranean Countries” (Action 7, EIF, Annual Program 2010) is co-funded by the European Integration Fund for Third Country Nationals (75%) and the Republic of Cyprus (25%).

The coordinator of the MMN is Sotiris Themistokleous, assistant director of CARDET.

Founded in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2004 by an international team of education and technology experts, CARDET (the Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology) is a non-profit research and development organization with strategic partners worldwide.

The mission of CARDET is to inspire innovation and to promote education, research, and development through evidence-based practices, cutting-edge research, and empowered professionals.

The organization provides evaluation, research, development, and training services to governmental agencies, private organizations, and NGOs. CARDET has successfully completed projects in more than 20 countries, in partnership with a number of private and public institutions, including EuropeAid, the Research Promotion Foundation, the European Commission, the United Nations Development Program, the International Council for Educational Media, and Microsoft.

InnovADE is an SME based in Cyprus, with a team of professionals with several years of experience in strategic visioning, business development, social entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and academic industries.

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