Nicaragua: the achievement of the MDG’s in danger


Author: Social Watch Report 2013

Editorial and Channel: Instituto Tercer Mundo (ITEM) - Social Watch

Document Type: Reports and studies

Language: English

Theme: Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s)

Keywords: Democracy, Growth, MDG’s, Poverty

Countries and Regions: Nicaragua

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The achievement of the MDGs in Nicaragua is in imminent danger due to the serious difficulties faced by virtue of several factors, such as low economic growth, increasing population demanding food and work, and growing corruption.

Although there has been progress in some of them, this is not enough and does not approach the goal. The agricultural export model, which to date has generated only precarious and informal jobs condemning the people who do them to live under the poverty line, as well as a regressive tax system, are closing the country’s ability to seize the historic opportunity of the democratic transition.

See online : Nicaragua: the achievement of the MDG’s in danger


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