Launching of the Czech National Social Watch Report

The Czech Social Watch Coalition released the new National Social Watch Report summarizing the development in the year 2012. The title of the report is Czech Republic: Decline and Resignation and it focuses on social development and gender equity, particularly on the following areas: economics, family and social politics, Roma minority, gender and environmental issues.

The year 2012 was not a good one for most inhabitants of the Czech Republic. In 2012, the country still did not reach the level from 2008 and the gap between the neighbouring countries is widening. The government had no vision and positive economic programme, "fiscal consolidation," which meant budget cuts, was its only objective. One-fifth of the working people are endangered by poverty, more women than men. Absence of an effective conception of social housing also represents a problem. Forced moving of people into overpriced unsuitable dormitories didn’t help to solve the situation and only supported further ghettoisation. Therefore trivial personal conflicts, in which Roma people often find themselves, lead to big anti-Roma demonstrations and attempts of pogrom. Last but not least corruption is big and visible problem of Czech politics as well.

The publication also contains three studies, the first one is written by Jan Keller – a well-known Czech sociologist – who focuses on the lack of positions in a society which are associated with usefulness and recognition. Growing number of people are looking for useful employment. As if there is no place for them in a society. The second article is about unpaid work and the reform of the Czech pension system and its impact on woman written by the sociologist Radka Dudová.  The final article deal with Czech arms export and is called Czech arms under control, not in hands of dictators.

The report was presented at a press conference and achieved big media coverage, despite the silly season and the turbulent political situation.

In May 2013 the Czech Social Watch Coalition also launched another publication – „international“ Social Watch report with the title: Politics failed, it is the public´s turn. It contains five articles/studies and 13 national reports.

The event took place on 6th August 2013.

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Source: Social Watch Czech National coalition.