PNGO warns of deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza due to power outage

The Palestinian Non-governmental Organizations Network  PNGO  raised concerns and warned of a dangerous deterioration in the humanitarian  situation in the Gaza Strip due to severe drop-long power cuts caused by the fuel outage.

PNGO stated that power outage in the besieged Gaza Strip seriously affects basic life facilities in particular health , water, education and sanitation as well as vital sectors.

PNGO demanded the international community and Arab and Palestinian parties as well to immediately  carry on their responsibility to find real time and strategic solutions to the power cut offs in the Gaza Strip.

PNGO  stressed on the necessity of providing, the Palestinians, in the Gaza Strip in particular, with all essential needs to enhance their steadfastness  in facing the Israeli ongoing aggressions and violence,  The continous  silence from the international community; provides Israeli occupation a chance to continue its occupation for the Palestinian lands and tightens its blockade on the Gaza Strip.

PNGO  called  on the Palestinian parties to neutralize the electricity issue as well as other humanitarian issues in their political and administrative disputes between them , such issues must be completely neutralized from  political conflicts

Amjad Shawa, PNGO director Gaza