Hanaa Edwar is awarded “Arab Woman of the Year 2013”

Hanaa Edwar, secretary general of Al-Amal Association, the Iraqi member of Social Watch has been named “Arab Woman of the Year 2013” by Takreem for her distinctive hard work, courage and successes in the field of civil society and human rights for equality, women's rights, and the empowerment of women to participate effectively in society and political life.

In her speech at the award ceremony, Hanaa Edwar expressed her thanks, deep gratitude to Takreem, and stressed her sense of greater responsibility beyond the borders of her homeland. She also thanked her colleagues at Iraqi Al-Amal Association and many civil society organisations for the support and assistance she received during her work, who,together, planted the seeds of hope in the wounded Iraq.

"The award is a recognition of the great role played, and will be played, by these organisations in promoting a culture of human rights and women’s rights, and the concepts of peace, tolerance and equality to achieve social justice in the context of civil and democratic state".

The award ceremony was held in Paris at the Arab World Institute on 14th November 2013. This was the fourth set of awards by the initiative “Takreem”, which launched the awards in 2010, to highlight the Arab distinguish and leaders hip to nine Arab personalities, to celebrate their achievements in the fields of culture, education, science, environment, social progress, and economy.

On the second day, the winners of the awards joined a press conference attended by a number of Arab and international journalists. The conference stressed the importance of the award to highlight the successes of Arab leading personalities in their determination to achieve the dreams of many generations of freedom of thought, human rights, entrepreneurship, gender equality and motivation of young people, all in defiance of violence and terror.

Source: Iraqi Al-Amal Association.