The World Bank is a structural driver of the land grabs that is dispossessing and impoverishing rural communities across the globe. It is a central player that is using its financial and political might to force developing countries to follow a pre-prescribed model of development, based on the neoliberal principles of privatization, deregulation, low corporate taxation and ‘free market’ fundamentalism. Evidence clearly shows that this model overwhelmingly favors large agribusiness interests at the expense of smallholders, and is designed to extract the maximum value from developing countries’ natural and human resources.

Join us to tell the World Bank that it has no business in ranking countries and opening them up to foreign corporations thirsty for the extraction of their resources and the exploitation of their work force.

Become an active member of the OUR LAND, OUR BUSINESS campaign and ensure that citizens, Civil Society Organizations, and governments firmly reject the World Bank ranking of their countries and refuse to be scored by technocrats based in Washington on their ability to liberalize and deregulate their economies to aid foreign interests.

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