Promoting Participation of Women in Politics in Cambodia

Photo: SILAKA, Cambodia.

Two hundred and fifty representatives from women leaders, young women activists, LGBT, and Civil Society Organizations, attended the national workshop on “Promoting Participation of Women in Politics” jointly organized by Committee to Promote Women in Politics and SILAKA, with a strong support from regional and international society organizations in country in order to promote women in politics. The meeting was held in Phnom Penh last January 28 2015.

In her opening speech, Ms. Thida Khus, the chair of Committee to Promote Women in Politics and Executive Director of SILAKA said that “ Women Participation is very important to work effectively and promoting​ of increase the number of women participation in decision making in politics”.

The national workshop aimed to mobilize women and men from different groups and levels to stand under one common goal to promote and increase women participation in politics and public; to collect voices of women leader at sub-national level, civil society, young women activists and citizens to advocate in increasing women representation in public service and political sector and to seek endorsement on the statement of recommendation to amend electoral law.

In her speech, Ms. Wenny Kusuma, Country Director of UN Women, she raised the necessity of compiling solidarity work regardless of politic party, in order to make women voters become the powerful voice to demand the politicians to listen to their voices and to amend the political policy to the benefit and equality between women and men.

In her speech, H.E. Mrs.Yoy Nita, Deputy Secretary of state of Ministry of Women Affairs said that “This national workshop is a part for women to improve knowledge through guest speakers’ slide presentation, video presentation and sharing experiences​​ in order to promote the increasing of the women in decision making in all level.

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Source: SILAKA, Cambodia.