Social Watch E-Newsletter - Issue 232 - September 18, 2015

Issue 232 - September 19, 2015

Truth and reconciliation in sustainable development


"The UN must champion a process of truth and reconciliation" in development, said Barbara Adams, on behalf of Global Policy Forum and Social Watch during a round table at the United Nations in New York. Adams emphasised that "those who have benefitted the most from the past and current model are those that need to change the most". Read more and see the video here
Photo: UN webtv.



Thousands of people have had their lives destroyed by the activities of multi-national corporations. Oil spills in Nigeria and gas leaks in India have killed, maimed and caused lasting environmental damage. Yet, these people and their families have struggled to hold the perpetrators to account and receive damages to ameliorate their suffering. This lamentable situation could be addressed by consensus between states around the world to develop a treaty that ensures human rights violations do not go unpunished (or, at least uncompensated). In the 21st century such a treaty is both a legal and moral necessity. Here is why. Read more


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