Social Watch E-Newsletter - Issue 285 - January 27, 2017

Issue 285 - January 27, 2017

World’s largest business association gets direct voice in UN decision making


In an unprecedented and historic move, the UN General Assembly recently granted observer status to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Until now only international organizations like the African Union (AU) and the OCDE or non-member states like Palestine and the Holy See had such a status. The resolution was submitted by France, Albania, Colombia, the Netherlands and Tunisia. Neither trade unions nor farmer or women groups or NGOs have similar rights. Read more



Argentina’s national government furthers the stigmatization of foreigners


Argentine government officials blame foreign-born people of drug trafficking in their country. Security Minister Patricia Bullrich used skewed and decontextualized statistics and stigmatizing assertions to try to justify a toughening of the nation’s immigration policy, which the government has been announcing for several weeks. Read more



Inclusive Development International, launched the Follow the Money initiative – a new tool to fight land grabs and other corporate abuses. It’s a simple idea, but it has the potential to be a game-changer.
Every year, more than 15 million people are forcibly displaced from their land, housing and the natural resources they depend upon to make way for large-scale agro-industrial plantations, hydropower dams, mines and power plants. Rarely are they compensated for what they have lost. Read more


The global unemployment rate is expected to rise modestly to 5.8 per cent in 2017, representing an increase in the number of unemployed globally of 3.4 million compared with 2016, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has said.
In its World Employment and Social Outlook - Trends 2017 report released recently, the ILO said that this will bring total unemployment to 201.1 million in 2017.
The ILO further said that the global unemployment rate is then expected to hold relatively steady in 2018, as the economic outlook improves, although the pace of labour force growth will still outstrip employment creation, resulting in an additional 2.7 million unemployed people. Read more


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