Invitation to the ICAE Virtual seminar on “Skills and Competencies”

ICAE announces the ICAE Virtual seminar 2017 - on the topic of “Skills and Competencies”! The seminar is free of charge, open to anyone and will start on April 3rd.

Following each issue of DVV International’s journal Adult Education and Development, the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) offers the chance to discuss the topics raised in the print issue in a virtual seminar.

The virtual seminar wants to promote a debate and dialogue on selected articles from the journal in order to go deeper and broaden the analysis. It creates a virtual space as an opportunity to share experiences on community learning modalities, in different regions and contexts, and to inspire new initiatives.

The next virtual seminar, on skills and competencies, will start on April 3rd and will last for approximately three weeks. The following articles of issue 83 of Adult Education and Development will be this years´ starting point of the seminar:

You can find the articles here: (in English, French and Spanish).

Do you want to participate? Register here. Registration is open now.

The virtual seminar runs via e-mail in English. Your contributions can be sent in English, French or Spanish and will then be translated into English.
If you have questions ahead of the seminar, do not hesitate to contact Ricarda Motschilnig (

Source: ICAE.