Webinar: Global Policy Tools to Accelerate Effective Action at Scale on the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals embody the world’s greatest aspirations for human health, education, equality, the economy, and the environment. Their realization relies on investment and cooperation among all stakeholders, including civil society, citizens, and the private sector. Yet at their core, the SDGs are a commitment by governments to strive to meet these critical objectives by 2030.

Central to this commitment and to the achievement of the SDGs both at the national level and globally, is the formulation and successful implementation of national policies that are effective at achieving progress at scale. Focusing on a sample of SDGs critical to women’s economic empowerment (SDGs 1, 5, and 8), this webinar will discuss how data can support national policies and successful implementation to advance the SDGs.  While past monitoring efforts have often prioritized outcome data over policy data, as this webinar will explore, including globally comparative policy data may provide a crucial key to accelerating change over the next fifteen years.

This webinar will provide an overview of the ways globally comparative policy data, alongside outcome and implementation data, can be used to transparently and effectively monitor countries’ progress. The webinar will feature elements that empower policymakers, civil society, and researchers to:

  1. Identify key policy areas that matter to SDGs of interest and gaps in existing legislation,
  2. Learn what policies have been feasible in comparator countries,
  3. Understand what the research evidence says about the impact policies have on health, development, equality, and other outcomes relevant to achieving the SDGs, and
  4. Identify how policy design can help to ensure development progress leave no one behind,.

Lastly, the webinar will provide examples of recent work translating research on policy impact into accessible formats for use by civil society, policymakers, development practitioners, and other stakeholders.  These two-page policy briefs will illustrate a method for ensuring that complex research to evaluate the impacts of policies reaches those who can take action. Copies of these resources will be available for dissemination freely available at worldpolicycenter.org  following the webinar.



Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 5pm GMT

Working Language: English

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Primary Presenter: Dr. Jody Heymann (Electronic Biography)

  • Dean of the Fielding School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles
    Founding Director, WORLD Policy Analysis Center

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