Finland discusses the 2030 Agenda and the role of business in it

Photo: Maailma Kylässä

The government published the national implementation plan of the SDGs in February 2017. Economic growth and business opportunities are emphasized throughout the plan. Several CSOs have been critical about this approach because it will not reduce global inequality or help conserve natural resources for future generations. The economy should be a tool to achieve sustainable welfare and growth should not be seen an absolute value as such. Finnish CSOs have underlined that the social and ecological responsibility in businesses requires, besides dialogue, binding legislation. France and the Netherlands have legislated recently that businesses active in these countries must take care of human rights along the entire supply chain.

Finland should follow their example as soon as possible. Hence, responsibility in public procurement needs to be enhanced by increasing the availability of consultation services. Social and economic responsibility are in a marginalized role in the implementation plan. In addition to ecological impacts human rights issues should be taken more effectively into account.

Source: Finland National Repor t 2017.