2030 Agenda in Malta: Lack of coherence

Photo: Times of Malta

The lack of any substantive cohesion in Malta between a number of policies, such as education or health, with sustainability is a worrying factor, according to the Maltese Social Watch report. The general absence of statistical data, particularly of disaggregated data by various social and economic criteria, resulting from a lack of collection or from the prevalent praxis of not making it public makes the reporting difficult. Yet, there is an obvious lack of coherent and comprehensive approach to the legal and policy framework relating to the SDGs. This also belies a weak vision both on the action required at a national level and in terms of Malta’s role within the international community and its contribution (despite it being a small country) at the global level.

Whilst much work has been done in addressing the areas of work that contribute towards achieving the SDGs, Malta is still a long way off from having a broad-ranging and truly comprehensive (inwards and outwards facing) sustainable development agenda which sets out how and with which allocated resources this contribution will be made. Achieving the SDGs will require all UN Member States to come together and commit to prioritizing these targets. Given the current global climate of intractable conflict, mass displacement and rapid environmental degradation, not only must we strive to halt and reverse the short- and long-term impact of these factors through investment and expertise, but we must also play a strong role in advocating for those who are at critical risk of losing their lives (whether due to war, malnutrition, poverty), or of suffering long-term morbidity because of natural or human caused events.

Sustainable development relates to challenges that affect populations across the world, yet some populations are particularly vulnerable to these adverse conditions. Sustainability is about achieving better equity and representation, justice and safe environments, respect for humans, animals and trees, collaboration on a wider scale than ever seen before, and achieving significant positive social change at an unprecedented scale.

Source: Malta National Report 2017.

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