In Memoriam Kate McInturff

Kate McInturff passed away last July 27. Kate was a member of the Coordinating Committee of Social Watch (where she helped enormously to shape our research strategy and gender analysis) and a contributor to the Canadian national Social Watch reports of 2012, 2014 and 2016. As a Research Associate at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives she was the main author of the enormously popular "Best and Worse Places to be a Woman in Canada" report. 

“Funny. Fearless. Unapologetically feminist. Kate was a bright light in the world, and a tireless activist. She dedicated her career to fighting inequality and to making the world a more compassionate place,” said Peter Bleyer, CCPA’s Executive Director.

In this video, filmed during the Social Watch Strategy Meeting in Montevideo, 2014, Kate explains why it is key to "follow the money" in order to bridge the gender gap:

Our thoughts are with her family and colleagues. If you wish to message them, please contact Alyssa O’Dell, CCPA Media and Public Relations: 613-563-1341 x307, or cell 343-998-7575.