Arab Regional Meeting for CSOs on Sustainable Development

Invitation to attend The Regional Meeting for CSOs on Sustainable Development in the Arab Region. Representatives of civil society and experts in Arab countries will discuss efforts to achieve sustainable development in the Arab region and the challenges it faces.

The meeting will propose practical recommendations at the level of public policies to be submitted to the Arab Forum on Sustainable Development and through it to the High-level Political Forum to be held in July 2021 in New York.

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DAY 1: 25 March 2021, Thursday, 11:00-15:00

DAY 2: 26 March 2021, Friday, 11:00-15:00

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PANEL 1: Overview on the contextual challenges.
Themes elaborated: A global perspective: systemic challenges for achieving sustainable development، Regional context: persistent challenges، The role of the state and governance، Climate Action from global to regional context، CSO views-Open floor discussion.
Moderator: Zahra Bazzi.
Speakers: Roberto Bissio, Ziad Abdel Samad, Sawsan Gharaibeh, Joseph Schechla.
The video is here.