Launching Conference Arab Watch Report on Economic and Social Rights 2023: the “Right to Health”

The launching conference of the Arab Watch Report 2023: “Right to Health” was the opportunity to share the main findings of two years of research on the right to health in the Arab Region, conducted towards enhancing the role of civil society to hold accountable the social and economic policies that violate the right to health, and to inform policy and advocacy efforts at the national and regional levels towards achieving the right to health for all. The conference featured a series of panels and discussions focusing on the issues covered in the regional, thematic, and national reports for the project. Discussions throughout the day highlighted the current situation of the right to health in the region, provide an overview of the main determinants of health, as well as discuss the main issues hindering the attainment of the right to health for all in a context of political, economic, and health crises. The conference was held on Friday, July 7, 2023.

Watch here  the conference sessions of the launching event of the Arab Watch Report 2023: “Right to Health”. Please click here to download the agenda.

Roberto Bissio was speaker in the session “Towards Achieving the Right to Health for all in the Arab Region”.

Source: Arab NGO Network for Development.