The IMF’s poverty reduction and growth facility: A blind alley

Table of contents


The PRGF and the EBRP within the framework of the Structural Adjustment Programme: 

Letter of Intend and PRGF. The EBRP and the HIPC Initiative. The application of neoclassical policies in Bolivia . Evolution of basic macroeconomic indicators: Savings; investment; income; role of the State and dependency; social and economic results. Conclusions. 

Civil society participation: 
The participatory rhetoric of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The influence of civil society on the PRGF. Participation of civil society in the follow-up and control of policy. The need to assess the impact of public policies: The IFIs and impact assessment; civil society's interest in the analysis of social impact; how is the analysis of social impact and the follow-up and monitoring of economic and social programmes progressing in Bolivia? Conclusions. Bibliography. Annexes