The right to health in Argentina

The evident and systematic violation of the right to health by the Argentinian Government, which is clearly shown in the collapse of the health system, was reported by several health institutions before the OAS Inter-American Commission of Human Rights.

Theorganizations requested the ICHR to send a fact-finding mission to Argentina toverify the critical situation of violation of human rights in the country and toformulate observations to the Argentinian Government, as was the case in the1979 mission.

The reportdenounces the collapse of the health system, within the framework of the severesocial crisis that has driven 53% of the population (approximately 18.5 million)below the poverty line and 24.8% (8.7 million) below the extreme poverty line.Seventy per cent of children under 14 years of age are poor, and half of themare extremely poor. Some of the serious problems reported to the ICHR arechildren mortality and malnutrition and maternal mortality, which affect theright to health and to life.