Recognize the right to adequate housing, demands rapporteur

A firm recognition to the human right to adequate housing was demanded by the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing Miloon Kothari, in his annual report to the UN Human Rights Commission presented in Geneva on April 1st 2003. In his report he mentions the significant input that constitutes the 2003 Social Watch Report, “The Poor and the Market”. He also acknowledged that “he is inspired by the diligent work of civil society in supporting his mandate and contributing towards securing housing rights for all.”

Inthis report, the Special Rapporteur expresses the need to create strategicalliances with NGOs and networks, among which Social Watch is mentioned, aimingat monitoring the fulfillment of the right to adequate housing, and studying theimpact of globalisation regarding the right to adequate housing and otherrelated rights, as well as performing surveys onwomen and adequate housing.

Thereport highlights several emerging issues: water and sanitation as essential elements for the realization of theright to adequate housing; the need to undertake further research on innovativelocal responses to globalisation in urban and rural development; the need forrights-based indicators and assessment tools for monitoring MillenniumDevelopment Goals (MDGs) and other relevant outcomes of major United Nationsconferences and summits that contribute to the realization of rights relevant tohis mandate.