Human Rights and Globalization

Establishing linkages between the processes of globalization and the realization of the human rights.

Globalisationand the process of increasing economic integration have limited the role andcapacity of States to fulfil economic, social and cultural rights of theircitizens. 

Tradeliberalisation, the process of public sector reform (particularly through privatisation) and other factors influence theavailability of resources for social spending.

Thefollowing documents compile relevant information on the impact of globalisationon the realisation of Human Rights:

:: Economic, Social And Cultural RightsFacing The Process Of Economic Globalization: Reflections on the II World SocialForumByAreli Sandoval from Equipo Pueblo, Mexico

::WomenFacing Globalization: The impact of neo-liberal globalization on the economic,social and cultural rights of womenByAna Elena Obando, Women’s Human Rights Net

::TheMillennium Development Goals and Economic, Social and Cultural RightsAJoint Statement by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights andthe UN Commission on Human Rights’ Special Rapporteurs on Economic,Socialand Cultural Rights

::Reportof the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a componentof the right to an adequate standard of living, and on the right tonon-discriminationByMiloon Kothari

ThirdWorld Water Forum (KYOTO,March 2003)

::JointStatement by the Special Rapporteurs to the Commission of Human Rights about Wateras an essential public good the conflicts arisen in the context of privatizationof water services

::NoConsensus on Water as a Human RightInterPress Service (IPS)