First Social Watch Indian Report launched

The National Social Watch coalition launched the "First Citizens Report on Governance and Development" on June 9, 2003, in New Delhi, India.

In its editors words, “The First Social Watch Indian report is a unique experiment at critically examining the institutions of governance and their commitment to social development. This is an attempt to create an interface between institutions of governance and peoples in a bid to promote greater transparency and governance commitments to peoples and peoples issues. The report has been attempted through a process of collective ownership and wide range of consultation".

The report analyzes the performance of the Parliament and the Supreme Court in 2002, reviews the current policies of government regarding health, education and poverty alleviation and offers and overview of grassroots democracy in India.

See or download the Social Watch India report:

"Citizens Report on Governance and Development 2003"

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National Social Watch Coalition


Center for Youth and Social Development (CYSD)


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