Launch of the Citizens' Observatory 2003 report,

Citizens’ Observatory/Social Watch and the Commission of External Relations and National Defense of the Senate invite to the launch of the Citizens’ Observatory 2003 report, "População pobre versus mercado", wich will take place at the Federal Senate, Brasilia, on December 4, 9:30 am.

During the launching, a debate willtake place with the minister of the Executive Secretariat for Economic andSocial Development, Tarso Genro, the senator Eduardo Suplicy, federal deputyManinha and some of the authors of the report, as sociologist Amélia Cohn andeconomist Fernando Cardim de Carvalho.

The report addresses the impact ofprivatization of public services on the poor in diverse countries, and thearticles referred to Brazil examine issues such as the economic policies of theLula government, the social and racial inequalities, the policy against AIDS, Brazil’saffirmative diplomacy and the failure of the OMC meeting in Cancún, among others.
The hard copies of the report come together with a CD-ROM that containsadditional material, such as the previous years’ reports and graphs and tablesthat evaluate the fulfillment of the social development goals in 181 countries.

The Citizens’ Observatory Reference Group-Brazilis coordinated by Ibase and its members are Cedec, Fase, Inesc, Dawn Networkand SOS Corpo-Genre and Citizenship.

See or download the OBSERVATÓRIODA CIDADANIA, RELATÓRIO 2003 – Nº 7:

População pobre versus mercado

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