Launch of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty

The launch of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) took place on January 27th 2005 at the Gigantinho Stadium of Porto Alegre, Brazil, within the framework of the 5th World Social Forum. The Brazilian President Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva was present on the occasion, as well as an audience of over twelve thousand people.

Candido Grzybowsky, (IBASE, Brazil) was in charge of the opening words and John Samuels, (Action Aid Asia) did the presentation of the Campaign.


Also present at the event were: Guy Rider, (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, ICFTU); Wahu Kaara (All African Council of Churches) and Coumba Toure (Africa Network Campaign on Education for All).


After this, President Lula addressed the audience.

Leonor Briones (Social Watch Philippines, Philippines); Alejandra Scampini (Red de Educación Popular entre Mujeres, REPEM, Uruguay); Iara Pietricovsky (INESC, Brazil); Flavio Lotti (Tavola della Pace, Italy); and Anne-Marie Mujica (Oxfam International, UK), posed questions to Presient Lula.


The event closed with a performance of the Escola de Samba Portela, of Rio de Janeiro, which introduced the song "We can: Eight ideas to change the world”.


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