Social Watch launches Annual Report featuring new development indexes

Social Watch will launch its Annual Report 2005 this 14 September in New York. “Roars and Whispers. Gender and Poverty: Promises vs. Action” presents two new indexes to measure social development, and concludes that the targets set for 2015 as part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will not be met.

The Social Watch report is being released on the eve of the United Nations General Assembly’s 2005 World Summit, taking place 14 to 16 September, which will address, among other themes, the progress made so far in fulfilling the MDGs.

The new study shows that the international community has largely failed to live up to the commitments it adopted five years ago to eradicate poverty and promote development, a fact that has been highlighted with increasing urgency by civil society.

Despite the promises made by governments, spending on social services is decreasing throughout the world while inequality has grown since 1990, according to the report, which was compiled by a research team based in Montevideo using statistical data from each country evaluated.

In addition to country reports from the more than 50 countries that make up the Social Watch international citizens’ network, the report includes a global study based on two new indexes designed to measure social development, the Basic Capabilities Index and the Gender Equity Index, which complement the human development indexes most commonly used until now in various aspects.

See the Social Watch Report 2005 titled “Roars and Whispers. Gender and poverty: promises vs. action