Stop Killing

Let us imagine that we are having tea on a sunny day with our neighbours.

Imagine the children are at school. Imagine we are about to take a taxi to go to a meeting in the city, or about to get into our horse wagon to harvest our crops. Imagine we are getting off work to go home.

And now, let us imagine that in a single second the sun goes dark and the neighbours are dying on our side. The school disappeared. Imagine that we can't recognize the place we are supposed to have the meeting, or that everyone who was harvesting in the fields has been killed. Now, imagine there is no house to return to. Imagine that our country is Lebanon.

There will not be peace without people to construct her. There are no human rights if there is nobody to enjoy them. Is it possible to use the argument of wanting to obtain a sustainable ceasefire, to reject a CEASEFIRE? Peace can never be a excuse for war. You can't kill with the argument to prevent death.

Any kind of fundamentalism, christian, jewish or islamic, be it religious, economic or political fundamentalism, do not recognize humanity's diversity, and legitimize violent mechanisms that subject one group by another, one person by another.
Essentially exclusive and belligerent, fundamentalisms undermine the project of Humanity in which every person has the right to have rights.

We, the women of Latin America, who, during the dictatorships, have experienced state terrorism, know about the pain and death of our peoples, as well as we know about the power of solidarity and people's organization. We join in solidarity people's organizations everywhere demanding an IMMEDIATE CEASEFIRE in Lebanon and Palestine and the withdrawal of the Israeli troops.

Now, let us imagine a meeting of the United Nations. Imagine that instead of inconclusive and abstract communiqués about hundreds of concrete deaths, this time, state terrorism is detained, civil population defended and dialogue is insisted upon as the only way to solve conflict. Imagine justice, reason, dignity, respect are chosen. That, this time, the choice is people, humanity and life.