Sbilanciamoci! campaign on issues related to national budget

Sbilanciamoci!, an Italian campaign working on issues related to the national budget, will held its annual forum in Venice. See the program.

Thursday- September 6

I Session

17.00 - 20.00 Teatro Aurora (Aurora Theater)

The role of communities for a globalisation from below

During the last years neoliberal globalisation and government control have“exploited” the territories depriving them of their identity and reducingthem to a simple gear of the global economic machine. Strategic infrastructures,militarization, delocalization, privatizations: good enough only for enterprisesas places of delocalization and transit of goods, manpower exploitation,creation of transportation networks that destroys the environment; territorieshave demanded an autonomous local development, based on the central role playedby the community, active participation, valorisation of resources and the localactors.

Greetings by
Massimo Cacciari, Mayor of Venice
Renato Panciera, President of Marghera Municipality
Davide Zoggia*, President of Venice Province


Giulio Marcon, Sbilanciamoci!


Andrea Calori, Politecnico of Milan
Antonio Ferrentino, President of Val di Susa Mountain Community
Riccardo Petrella, World Water Contract Campaign

II Session
21.00 – 23.00 Sala Consiliare

Chemical industries, infrastructures, military bases and a militarized economy.Towards an alternative economic model

The petrochemical plant of Marghera – and more in general the ongoingdevelopment of the chemical industry – represents an important and dramaticpage of the development model and the industrial policies of Veneto and Italy.Strategic infrastructures such as TAV and Mose, are a wound for the territories.The new military base in Dal Molin, Vicenza, represents a dark chapter that seesthe communities suffering in the name of militarization. Starting from theopposition to an economy that produces, as “collateral effects” pollution,wars and death, how can we build a clean, sustainable and unarmed economy?

Chaired by
Stefano Lenzi, WWF Italy
Gigi Sullo, Director of Carta

Giancarlo Albera, Movement No dal Molin
Gianfranco Bettin, Author of Petrolkiller
Sergio Chiloiro, CGIL Secretary – Venice Labor Chamber
Chiara Sasso, Movement No Tav
Osvaldo Pieroni*, Movement No Ponte (No Bridge)

Representatives of No Mose and The Assembly against the Chemical Risk willintervene during the session

Friday - September 7

III Session

9.30-11.30, Teatro Aurora (Aurora Theater)

The decline of the “North- East model” and the precarious economy. Ways forbuilding responsible enterprises

The fall of business comes from far away as the Italian industry sector isdeclining and with it the labour legislation, sacrificed in the name ofprecariousness and flexibility. For many years the “North-East” model wasconsidered as the paradigm of a neoliberal economy based on “costscompetitiveness”, on exploitation of workers and environmental degradation.Starting from the crisis and the protest against such model, is it possible toimagine a different role of the enterprise?

Greetings by
Luana Zanella, Town Councillor to Cultural Production and Youth Policies ofVenice Municipality

Chaired by
Alessandro Messina, Finansol
Francesco Vallerani*, Università di Venezia ( Venice University )

Duccio Valori, IRI's Former Central Director
Marco Revelli, Università di Torino ( Turin University )
Gianni Rinaldini, Secretary General of FIOM
Devi Sacchetto, Università di Padova ( Padua University )
Paolo Cento, Undersecretary – Ministry of Economy

IV Session

12.00-13.00 Teatro Aurora (Aurora Theater)

Our development model is destructive and energy eater. We are consuming andharming our planet. The development model based on oil and coal has created anunsustainable condition. We need to think about a “post-fossil” model forour economy and development. Which are the alternatives for an environmental andsocial quality of development able to improve our lives and protect the planet?

Greetings by
Ezio Da Villa, Town Councillor to Environment of Venice Province

Chaired by
Ilenia Marangon*, WWF Venice
Maurizio Giubbiotti, Legambiente National Secretariat

Wolfgang Sachs, Wuppertal Institute

V Session
16.00 – 18.00 Teatro Aurora (Aurora Theater)

The return of Solidarity and Common Goods
During the last years the neoliberal ideology has turned rights into needs,services into social markets, citizens into clients. Today we urgently need achang,e giving space to a solidarity economy and to common goods based upon thesocial cohesion and the economic justice, on local communities and citizens. Areturn to solidarity and common goods is an essential priority for analternative economy.

Chaired by
Sandro Bergantin, Pax Christi Venice

Alex Zanotelli, Combonian Missioner

The proposals for redistribution, citizenship and social inclusion policies

Welfare is a major achievement for society, a guarantee of a real citizenship.Against the rhetoric of tax cuts, is it possible a tax policy based on equality,legality and justice? The current analysis within Sbilanciamoci's campaign andthe other campaigns working for social and tax justice, suggests proposals torelaunch the fiscal tool as lever of solidarity and redistribution, supportingwelfare, rights, economic justice. Taxes can be a form of citizenship and socialcohesion, also at the global level.

Chaired by
Alessandro Santoro, Università Bicocca di Milano (Bicocca University of Milan)Sergio Giovagnoli*, Arci

Lucio Babolin, President of CNCA
Paolo Beni, President of ARCI
Rosy Bindi, Minister for Family Policies
Andrea Fumagalli, Università di Pavia, ( Pavia University )
Marigia Maulucci, Secretary CGIL
Vincenzo Visco, Vice Ministry of Economy

VI Session

19.30-21.00 ex PLIP (Carpenedo)

Experiences and alternatives from the other economy and local development

During the last years a different economy was born. It sinks its roots intosustainable environmental and social practices – with the valorization ofterritories' resources and actors – into the local anchorage of a grassrootdevelopment that supports innovative ways of a solidarity economy: ethicalfinance, fair trade, third sector, social cooperation. A model of self-centreddevelopment that gives value to people and communities.

Greetings by
Delia Murer, Town Councillor to Social Policies of Venice MunicipalityPierantonio Belcaro*, Town Councillor to Environment of Venice Municipality

Chaired by
Eliana Caramelli*, Tavolo dell'Altra Economia (Roundtable of the Other Economy)Alberto Zoratti, President of FAIR

Davide Biolghini, Rete dell'Economia Solidale ( Network of the SolidarityEconomy ) Giorgio dal Fiume, President of CTM Andrea Ferrante, President of AIABRenate Goergen, Administration Councillor of Banca Etica ( Ethic Bank )

21.00 - ex PLIP

Showing of Marghera Canale Nord by A. Segre
Concert of Jashgawronsly Brothers

Saturday - September 8

VII Session
9.30-11.00 Teatro Aurora (Aurora Theater)

Claiming rights, the environment, and peace

Which choices Italy is called to make after one year of center-left government?Which are the priorities of economic, financial and social policies? Is itpossible to think about a different economy founded upon the role of the publicsector, strict rules for the market, new economic policies and fiscal justice, aBudget Law that puts its focus on rights and solidarity, actions for disarmamentand sustainable development, welfare and environment?


Mario Agostinelli, Un'altra Lombardia ( Another Lombardia ) Salvatore Amura,Rete del Nuovo Municipio ( New Municipality Network ) Pierpaolo Baretta,Secretary of CISL Albino Bizzotto*, Beati i costruttori di pace RaffaellaBolini, National Secretary of Arci Beppe Caccia, Councillor of VeniceMunicipality Paolo Cacciari*, Member of the Italian Parliament Anna Donati,President of the Trasnportation Commission Miriam Giovanzana, Director of AltraEconomia Maurizio Gubbiotti, Legambiente National Secretariat Stefano Lenzi, WWFItaly Francesco Martone, Senator Raffaele Salinari, President of Terre desHommes Gianpaolo Silvestri, Senator Antonio Tricarico, President of CRBMRiccardo Troisi, Rete Lilliput Alberto Zoratti, Fair

VIII Session

11.15 – 14.00 Teatro Aurora (Aurora Theater)

The proposals of Sbilanciamoci! for the Budget Law and the Government's answers

After the first year and half of this legislature Sbilanciamoci! reviews theGovernment's record and launches its proposals for a different economic policy.Addressing the DPEF and the 2008 Budget law, the campaign platform with itsspecific proposals, opens up the confrontation with government Ministers andparliamentary political groups.

Greetings by
Alessandro Sabiucciu, Town Councillor to Labor of Venice Province

Representatives of Sbilanciamoci's organisations speak to:
Paolo Ferrero, Minister of Social Solidarity
Fabio Mussi, Minister of University and Research
Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Minister of Environment

14.45 – 16.45 Teatro Aurora (Aurora Theater)


The European Union is facing new challenges that are often ignored by thenational discourse, from the definition of a new constitutional text to theelaboration of strategies for a sustainable Europe, from the democraticparticipation of citizens, to the creation of redistributive mechanism and taxjustice on an international level. The European Union is far from achievingcoherence between economic and social objectives; we want to build a Europe ofsolidarity and social inclusion.

Chaired by
Tommaso Rondinella, Sbilanciamoci!
Antonio Tricarico, Campaign for the Reform of the World Bank

John Christensen, Tax Justice Network
Susan George, Transnanational Institute
Frieder Otto Wolf, Berlin University

17.00– 20.00


The Budget Law 2008: Sbilanciamoci!'s proposals for a new economic policy.
Promoted by Sbilanciamoci! The Good Enterprise: Promoted by Associazione PuntoRosso Riviera del Brenta The infrastructures of Prodi's Government: promoted byWWF Italy Towards the Reform of International Cooperation: Promoted by WWF Italyand Lunaria Who is taking care of what? The water regional plans of protectionbetween common goods and privatization processes. Promoted by Carta and CentroInternazionale Civiltà dell'Acqua The future of fair trade shops betweeneconomic sustinability and the lack of a legal framework for fair trade.Promoted by CTM Altromercato and Coordinamento Veneto Botteghe del Mondo.Palestine: an economy under occupation. Promoted by Pax Christi Veneto A NewSocial Model: the Welfare of rights and responsabilities. Promoted by CNCA TheSecurity costs. Promoted by DISA-Unige and Altraeconomia I want a sustainablelife. The solidarity economies facing the new challenges of environmentsustainability, of the short cycle and decrease. Promoted by FAIR, Aiab, Carta,LiberoMondo, Legambiebte and Rete Lilliput (Rome) On the tap side. Promoted byAltraeconomia The local networks of solidarity economy and the relations withthe public administration and the solidarity eonomy. Promoted by themunicipality of Venice (Progetto venezia per l'altrAeconomia) in collaborationwith national table RES The associations as social enterprise's incubator towarda sustainable development. Promoted by Arci Microcredit as a local developmenttool. The MAG's experience in Italy. To the left of the northern question. Firstappointment with “Spazio a Sinistra” forum. Promoted by: Political groups inRegional Council PdCI, Verdi, PRC; Sinistra Democratica movement, incollaboration with CartaQui Estnord.

IX Session

21.00 – Cso Rivolta


Sunday - September 9

X Session
9.15 – 13.00 Teatro Aurora (Aurora Theater)

For Peace and Rights, for a new Development Pattern

From global social movements comes not only resistance to neoliberal policiesbut also the experimentation of policies and practices for the construction of adifferent economy, that moves from the local and social dimension. Theexperiences, reflections and proposals of movements and civil society, foralternative policies of peace, justice, solidarity. The roads of the economic,social and political transformation, for a new development pattern.

Greetings by
Rita Zanutel, Town Councillor to Social Services of Venice Province

Chaired by
Gianni Belloni, Carta Est Nord
Mario Pianta, Urbino University

Josè Abelli, Argentinian National Movement of Recuperated Enterprises
Mustafa Barghouti, Former Palestinian Minister of Information

Naomi Klein*, Writer
Luisa Morgantini, Vice President of the European Parliament
Aruna Roy, Indian activist from MKSS
Patrizia Sentinelli, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs

16.00-18.00 Officina Sociale (Cso Rivolta)**

Round Table

As the Vth Forum in Marghera is concluded, a final discussion between Italianand international representatives of social movements, on practices andstrategies of mobilization, on alternative to war and to neoliberalglobalisation. The next meetings, proposal for initiatives, the campaigns, tobuild a wider social resistance to war, able to fight for a world based oneconomic justice, selfdetermination, peace and rights for all.

Marco Bersani, Attac Italy Luca Casarini, Centri Sociali Nord-Est Susan George,Transnational Institute - Vicepres. Attac Naomi Klein*, Writer Giulio Marcon,Sbilanciamoci! Alessandra Mecozzi, Fiom - Cgil Mario Pianta, Urbino UniversityAruna Roy, MKSS – India

* To be confirmed
** In Collaboration with Officina Sociale

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