Vacancy at the Social Watch International Secretariat

Opening for the position of Campaign Coordinator at the Social Watch International Secretariat in Montevideo. Applications must be sent before January 25, 2008.

Third World Institute (ITeM)

December 2007


POSITION: Social Watch Campaign Coordinator.

LOCATION: The Social Watch International Secretariat is located in Montevideo, Uruguay, and is based at the Third World Institute (ITeM). (The position requires the candidate to travel frequently)



The Campaign Coordinator will have overall responsibility for serving the network of national Social Watch coalitions around the world, supporting the network in the development and implementation of its campaigns.
He/She will work to achieve the goals of Social Watch, strengthening the political will to implement the commitments undertaken by governments in terms of poverty eradication and gender equality. Other strategic areas of work include: strengthening the Social Watch national coalitions and promoting the creation of new ones, supporting the editorial and research work of the coalition’s Secretariat, based in Montevideo, and making sure it meets the strategic goals of the network and the needs of its members.

The position directly reports to the coordinator of the International Secretariat of Social Watch.

Among other activities the Campaign Coordinator should be able to:

·    Identify organizations that may be interested in joining Social Watch, help build the capacity of national Social Watch platforms to monitor the commitments undertaken by their governments and promote their active participation in the Social Watch international network.

·    Encourage and support Social Watch regional activities and the work of the Coordinating Committee

·    Facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among coalition members and between the latter and other civil society networks, government entities and intergovernmental bodies.

·    Help develop the proposals of national coalitions to carry out activities related to Social Watch.

·    Attend regional and international meetings, and if necessary, represent Social Watch on such occasions.

·    Identify and establish relationships with the media.

·    Participate in defining the priorities of the editorial and research teams of the Social Watch International Secretariat; assist in the fundraising for Social Watch activities.


ABOUT Social Watch:

Social Watch is a network of more than 400 civil society organizations in sixty countries around the world, working for social justice, poverty eradication and gender equality. In particular, Social Watch regularly monitors and informs about the compliance of governments with undertaken commitments.



Graduate degree in Social or Political Sciences, International Relations or other areas related to the issues addressed by Social Watch or equivalent expertise.

·    At least three years of experience in international NGO networking and advocacy

·    Ability to work independently under minimum supervision

·    Work experience with NGOs, particularly from Africa, Asia or Latin America and the Caribbean

·    Excellent skills for writing and speaking in public

·    Excellent skills for interacting with journalists, NGO representatives, government representatives and intergovernmental organizations

·    Capacity to prioritize goals and carry out multiple tasks

·    Proven experience in dealing with staff and in project management (programmatic and financial)

·    Experience in team work

·    Dynamism, independence and willingness to work in multicultural environments

·    Availability to travel frequently, if necessary

·    Commitment to social justice, poverty eradication and gender equality

·    Fluency in English (essential), oral and written communication skills in Spanish and/or French. Knowledge of other languages will be of immense help.



·    Salary will be commensurate with experience. The position includes health insurance.
Support will be provided for transfer to Montevideo if necessary.

·    The International Secretariat of Social Watch is based at the Third World Institute (ITeM) with headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay

·    Opportunity to play a significant role in the global efforts for social justice, poverty eradication and gender equality

·    Opportunity to influence the development of our campaign priorities and the strengthening of civil society networks worldwide.



If you are interested in applying for the position, please send us the following:

·      Resume

·      A letter describing your interest in Social Watch, and summarizing your skills

·      A brief example of your writing (2 to 4 pages, can be an original or already published piece).

·      Three references (name, position, organization or institution, telephone and e-mail).
Please, specify when they can be reached.


IMPORTANT: Your application must be sent before January 25, 2008 and must be addressed to:


Social Watch

Fax: +598 2 411 9222







The Third World Institute (ITeM) is committed to equality of opportunities in hiring staff.


Roberto Bissio

Executive Director / Instituto del Tercer Mundo

Jackson 1136, Montevideo 11200, Uruguay

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