“Gujarat Social Watch Report 2014”

Assessment of National Green Tribunal

Social Watch India, 2014

Post-2015 and the Poison Threads – Shift the Gaze

In this paper Amitabh Behar talks about the ‘golden threads’ of global development versus the ‘poison threads‘, the latter according to Behar are the real causes of endemic poverty, growing inequality and exclusion.

‘The global leadership and the UN face the sizable challenge of making a historic choice between continuing the legacy and hegemony of neoliberalism or of weaving together a “new deal” which is truly transformative and puts the poor and ordinary citizens at the center’, says Behar in the paper.

The paper is available here.

Social Watch India, 2014.

Book Review By Prof Kuldeep Mathur

The Citizens Report on Governance and Development 2013 is the seventh Citizens’ Report of National Social Watch.

Democracy is not an easy system of governance. It is fragile and its essence cannot be guaranteed only because there is an assurance of periodic elections. Its fragility is dependent on several factors among whom is the way its governing institutions function and the kind of policies that are determined by them. This requires constant vigilance lest the people who come into power and institutions that they oversee function according to the mandate given to them by the people who have elected them go astray. This vigilance can be exercised only if there is information available to the people. Thus, transparency and availability of information is critical to hold then accountability.

Citizens’ Report on Governance and Development 2013

The Report is available in English and in Hindi.

Social Watch India, 2013.

The National Social Watch Report and the Odisha Social Watch Report 2013 was launched on Tuesday 13th May 2014 in DRTC-CYSD, Bhubaneswar, India. Mr. Jagadananda, President of National Social Watch, presented both the reports, followed by the presentations of the findings of the reports and open discussions.

Dowload the Citizens' Report on Governance and Development 2013 and Odisha Social Watch Report 2013.

Gustave Assah.

The participants in the civil society strategy meeting on monitoring and accountability organized by Social Watch last february in Montevideo were asked about how they personally work and relate with the huge task of making the powerful accountable. Here is what they said:

Jharkhand Social Watch Report 2013

‘Panchayati Raj (Local Self Governance) in Jharkhand’
State Reports
Social Watch India, 2013.

Bihar Social Watch Report 2013

‘Functioning of Legislative Assembly: An Analysis’
State Reports
Social Watch India, 2013.

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