After many years of indiscriminate mortar shelling and endless human rights abuses, the poor people of Somalia are left with little hope or expectations of peace and stability. The destruction that has been inflicted on the Somali people is unprecedented in the recent history of Africa as the perpetrators are rarely called to account for their crimes.

Source: IFIs Latin American Monitor
Representatives of over 40 Latin American civil society organizations gathered in Montevideo on 10-11 December 2009 to discuss and propose alternatives to the current financial system in a panel organized by Social Watch Uruguay.

Press release// Social Watch presented the 2009 BCI

The countries in a critical situation are grouped in a band along the equator while to the North and South levels are acceptable

Social Watch, a network of 400 hundred civil organization in more than 60 countries, calls on governments of the developed world to commit to finding a just solution to the current impass in climate negotiations by adhering to the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities enshrined in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, Agenda 21, and the UN Charter of Human Rights.

SW approved its Strategy Document and elected its new Coordinating Committee. These were some of the many things accomplished in the General Assembly held last October in Accra, Ghana. The Assembly, besides approving the strengthening of activities on the regional level and the expansion of the network, reaffirmed the United Nations as the principal target institution for the work of SW and rejected the further empowerment of illegitimate groupings such as the G-8 and G-20.

First European Social Watch Report Focuses on Migration Policies

This month´s “Spotlight On…” column highlights the work of Social Watch Bulgaria, a dynamic national coalition that is helping to spread the Social Watch message of gender equality and social rights for all among the ex-Soviet states in the Eastern and Central European region.



Roberto Bissio, Coordinator Social Watch

 The global financial crisis which caused in 2009 the most serious global recession in 80 years, together with the difficult debate that is taking place in Denmark on how to prevent global warming, mitigate its impacts, and adapt to its already inevitable consequences, are the two biggest news stories of the year that is about to end.

Madhya Pradesh Social Watch Report 2009

State Reports

Social Watch India, 2009.

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