The Social Watch network is based in the participation of citizen groups working to make governments accountable for their promises. The principles, strategies and long-term strategic planning were discussed in General Assemblies that took place in Rome 2000, Beirut 2003, Sofia 2006, Accra 2009 and Manila in 2011.

West Bengal Social Watch Report 2013

A Study on 15th West Bengal Legislative Assembly
State Reports
Social Watch India, 2013.

Alternative Budget, Fiscal Year 2014

Social Watch Philippines, 2013.

Karnataka Social Watch

State Reports
Social Watch India, 2012.

Chattisgarh Social Watch Report 2011

State Reports.

Social Watch India, 2011.

Working of Gujarat Assembly – An Analysis

8th session (24.02.2011 to 30.03.2011)
Gujarat Assembly Constituency
Gujarat Social Watch
Social Watch India, 2011.

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