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Geneva, 4 October 2005. A recent research project coordinated by the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) with the support of the Geneva International Academic Network (RUIG-GIAN) concludes that individuals are often victims of torture, ill- treatment, forced disappearances and summary executions because they are poor.

Kanaga Raja

Geneva, 30 Mar (Kanaga Raja) -- Homelessness is perhaps the most visible and most severe symptom of the lack of respect for the right to adequate housing, according to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing Miloon Kothari.

By Sanjay Suri

LONDON, Mar 15 (IPS) - A majority of British MPs have signed up for a resolution to make poverty history -- but not voted to take action on it. Their support comes through a parliamentary resolution that does not arise from within the parliament chamber. It comes by way of signing up to what is known as an Early Day Motion (EDM). Copies of the motion are placed in the House of Commons for MPs to sign up to, in the knowledge that these are not likely to be debated within Parliament. No EDM this year has drawn as much support as EDM number 9 tabled by Labour MP Julia Drown.

Forty non-governmental organizations from different continentsannounced today a campaign focusd on stopping the launch of negotiationsin the World Trade Organization (WTO) on a multilateral investmentagreement, which they consider harmful for developing countries.

Shashi Tharoor

The United Nations exists to find solutions through the common endeavor of all States. It is the one indispensable global organization in our globalizing world.

Privatisation of water services hashad negative consequences in many countries, says theenvironmental network Friends of the Earth International, whichurges global resistance to the commercialisation andcommodification of this essential resource.

"Tobin Tax" and increased South-South cooperation are demanded by leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement.

A hundred people from citizen based organizations from around the world gathered in Washington, DC to participate in the workshop Services for All (SFA). Sponsored by 18 organizations, SFA focused on the threat of privatization of basic services, especially water, energy, health care and education.

Goh Chien Yen

The Social Watch report 2003 was quoted as evidence of the risks of unplanned service liberalization during an expertpanel discussion organized by UNCTAD in Geneva. Since there is no legal requirement under the WTO to liberalise the services sectors, developingcountries should be cautious aboutfurther liberalization, especially if they have not yet carriedout an assessment of the effects.

Kalinga Seneviratne

The third World Social Forum (WSF)ended Tuesday in an upbeat mood withorganisers vowing to expand themovement all across Asia as it moves toIndia next year.

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