National reports

Bahrain: Catastrophic impact of Covid-19 Bahrain has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, both in terms of the number of people affected (with over 16 thousand cases per million inhabitants at the end of June 2020) and because of the grave plunge of oil prices that has resulted in a major drop in government revenues. The Parallel Report on Bahrain Implementation of the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development Goals by Bahrain Transparency Society (BTS) covers SDGs 3 (on health), 6 (water and sanitation), 8 (decent work), 13 (climate change) and 16 (governance). It pays particular attention to those ·left behind” both among Bahrainis as well as among migrants and expatriates, that are over half of the population of the islands. It concludes that “the catastrophic impact of the double crises of COVID19 and oil slump, re-asserted the need for radical review of the development model”.
Intersecting inequalities due to long-term manifestations and impacts of income inequality, embedded structural and developmental issues and social eclusion of women and ethnic minorities.
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