In this edition of Spotlight On… we will travel to Central America, where the national Social Watch coalition in El Salvador has succeeded in monitoring economic, social and gender rights in the country from diverse perspectives.

Roberto Bissio Coordinator, Social Watch International Secretariat

According to the World Bank, in January 2010 there were 1.5 billion people living in extreme poverty. Thus, the goal of reducing poverty and hunger to half by 2015 — the first of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) — will be impossible. Furthermore, the lack of significant progress on trade, debt, aid and technology transfer (goal 8) prevents the creation of an adequate environment to achieve the objectives 1 to 6.

Call on the eve of Bangladesh Development Forum meeting

Dhaka, 15th February 2010. Twenty one civil society organizations (CSO), in a rally and human chain in front of national press club, called upon the developed country representatives and donors, who are participating in Bangladesh Development Forum (BDF), to pay their carbon debt as compensation.

Montevideo, February 8, 2010

Social Watch has just published the French version of the Social Watch Report 2009 (Faire travailler les finances. D’abord les gens). This version, whose content is the same as the English (Making Finance Work. People First) and Spanish (Poner a trabajar las finanzas. Primero la gente) versions, is available for consultation in the Social Watch website (

WEF/Monika FlueckigerThe impact of trade liberalization on the realization of human rights
Geneva, 5 February 2010

Dear Mr Lamy,

We appreciated your speech of 13 January 2010 and willingness to engage in a discussion on the contested and controversial relationship between human rights and trade during the 11-13 January 2010 Colloquium on Human Rights in the Global Economy, co-organized by the International Council on Human Rights and Realizing Rights in Geneva.

Originally published in YES! Magazine
by Tanya Dawkins
Ajamu Baraka is the executive director of the U.S. Human Rights Network, a coalition of more than 250 human rights and social justice organizations working to hold the United States accountable to international human rights standards. YES! Magazine board member Tanya Dawkins talked to him about housing, direct action, and why human rights are relevant during the recession.

Roberto Bissio, coordinator of Social Watch, spoke at DAWN's Development Debates 2010. The panel organized by Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) took place on January 19th 2010 at Mauritius, Africa. It also counted with the participation of Rosalind Petchesky who talked about Gender Identity, Sexuality and Feminism, and Rodelyn Marte that made a presentation on HIV/AIDS and Women.

After many years of indiscriminate mortar shelling and endless human rights abuses, the poor people of Somalia are left with little hope or expectations of peace and stability. The destruction that has been inflicted on the Somali people is unprecedented in the recent history of Africa as the perpetrators are rarely called to account for their crimes.

Source: IFIs Latin American Monitor
Representatives of over 40 Latin American civil society organizations gathered in Montevideo on 10-11 December 2009 to discuss and propose alternatives to the current financial system in a panel organized by Social Watch Uruguay.

Press release// Social Watch presented the 2009 BCI

The countries in a critical situation are grouped in a band along the equator while to the North and South levels are acceptable



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