Civil society to participate in MDG+10 Hearings

Source: NGLS
The final selection and approval of active participants (speakers and respondents) for the General Assembly Hearings with NGOs, Civil Society and the Private Sector to take place in New York 14-15 June 2010 has been announced. The informal interactive hearings, requested by the UN General Assembly and convened by the President of its 64th session, H.E. Dr. Ali Abdussalam Treki, are meant to provide input to the preparatory process for the ‘MDG summit’ (High-level Plenary Meeting) on 20-22 September 2010.

To assist him in preparing the meeting, the GA President formed a ‘Task Force’ of representatives of civil society and the private sector to advise him on the format and participation at the Hearings. The President of the General Assembly, in close consultation with the Task Force, as well as UN Member States, and using the recent report of the Secretary-General as guidance , has established specific themes and selected speakers for these four sessions. The four themes listed below are an attempt to highlight key aspects of the Millennium Declaration and the MDGs, while also emphasizing the interrelated nature of the MDGs and the international development agenda more broadly.

For Thematic Session 1, Building a better tomorrow: local actions, national strategies and global structures , the following candidates were selected:


  • Ms. Farah Kabir, ActionAid 
  • Dr. David Winjobi, Global Call to action Against Poverty (GCAP)
  • Ms. Neha Sood, Youth Coalition 
  • Ms. Marie Gad, BUSINESSEUROPE 
  • Mr. Guillermo Tapia, FLACMA (Latin American Federation of Municipalities and Associations)


  • Mr. Denis Godlevsky, International Treatment Preparedness Coalition in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 
  • Mr. Emmanuel Korbia Edudzie, Youth Empowerment Synergy 
  • Mr. Mesfin Loha, World Vision 
  • Ms. Deepali Sood, Plan International 
  • Dr. Nurgul Djanaeva, Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan 
  • Ms. Silvina Vatnick, Centro para la Estabilidad Financiera 
  • Mr. Eric Friedman, Physicians for Human Rights 
  • Ms. Gulalai Ismael, AG: Girls Aware

For Thematic Session 2, Equal and inclusive partnerships: Accountability in the fight against poverty, the active participants are the following:


  • Ms. Cecilia Blondet Montero, Transparency International 
  • Ms. Marina Durano, Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) 
  • Ms. Martha Sanchez Nestor, Alianza de Mujeres Indigenas de Centroamerica y Mexico 
  • Mr. Mario Ottiglio, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (IFPMA) 
  • Ms. Siphiwe Hlophe, Swaziland for Positive Living/Fundacion para Estudio Investigacion de la Mujer 


  • Mr. Imed Eddine Chakar, International Disability Alliance/Arab Organization of Disabled People 
  • Ms. Valdênia Aparecida Paulino Lanfranchi, Centro de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos Dom Oscar Romero (CEDHOR) 
  • Mr. Theunis Keulder, Namibia Institute for Democracy 
  • Mr. Seysi Gassama, Amnesty International 
  • Mr. Michel Roy, Centre de Recherche et d’Information sur le Développement (CRID - The Research and Information Centre for Development) 
  • Ms. Lydia Mungherera, ATHENA Network 
  • Mr. Marco Aurelio Ugarte Ochoa, PhD, International Movement ATD Fourth World 

For Thematic Session 3, Sustaining development and withstanding crises, the following candidates were selected:


  • Dr. Peter Ozo Eson, Nigerian Labor Congress/International Trade Union Confederation 
  • Ms. Constance Okollet, Osukuru United Women’s Network 
  • Ms. Merlie Mendoza, Caritas Manila 
  • Ms. Bhumika Muchhala, Third World Network 
  • Mr. Ajay Shriram, International Fertilizer Industry Association


  • Ms. Sizani Ngubane, Rural Women’s Movement (RWM)
  • Ms. Tarcila Rivera Zea, Foro Internacional de Mujeres Indígenas (International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI/IIWF) 
  • Ms. Jacqueline Sharpe, International Planned Parenthood Federation 
  • Dr. Radhika Balakrishnan, Center for Women’s Global Leadership 
  • Mr. Mwenda Matika, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance 
  • Ms. Lajana Manandhar, Fresh Water Action Network South Asia 
  • Mr. Fanwell Bokosi, Norwegian Forum for Environment and Development

For Thematic Session 4, From voice to policy: 1660 days left , the following candidates were selected:


  • Mr. Irungu Houghton, Oxfam International 
  • Mr. Roberto Bissio, Third World Institute - Instituto del Tercer Mundo 
  • Ms. Athena Peralta, World Council of Churches 
  • Mr. Chris De Noose, World Savings Banks Institute 
  • Ms. Berry Vrbanovic, Federation of Canadian Municipalities


  • Mr. Ziad Abdul Samad, Arab NGO Network for Development, 
  • Dr. Joanne Carter, RESULTS/RESULTS Educational Fund 
  • Mr. Abdullah Denovan, APN Plus 
  • Ms. M. Celeste McKay, Native Women’s Association of Canada 
  • Ms. Mandisa Monakali, Ilitha Labantu 
  • Mr. Aldo Caliari, The Center of Concern 
  • Ms. Charlotte Bunch, Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) 
  • Mr. Chrisstofer Grondstadt, European Youth Forum

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