The Social Watch Board Game 2004


The World Summit for Social Development and the World Conference on Women in 1995 were re-affirmed by 189 Heads of State in the Millennium Summit in 2000, and a worldwide race has started to end poverty, achieve equality between the sexes and reach the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

The race track towards this GOAL is full of obstacles. There are difficult decisions to be made and the results of our decisions may take us nearer to, or further away from, the TARGETS.

The SOCIAL WATCH BOARD GAME challenges you to start running along the track. Put your counter on the START line, pick up the dice and go for it!

If we exercise enough political will and make the right choices, our generation can free humankind from extreme poverty for the first time in history.

To help the players and for more details about the rules of the game, we recommend that you read the list of national, regional and international commitments to eradicating poverty, including the treaties on human rights and the Millennium Development Goals. All these commitments and obligations are legally binding on governments.

Fulfilling the GOALS is not a question of luck but commitment!

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