Poland: Government studies same-sex marriage contracted abroad

Source: KPH-Article (posted by Giacomo Viggiani at Equal-Jus.eu)

After years of lobbying by Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH, focal point of Social Watch in this country), with support of European institutions and civil society organisations, the Polish Minister of Internal Affairs announced that will prepare a new version of the application form for those Polish citizens who want to get married abroad with there same sex partner.

Civil status certificates are required in every European country from all couples wishing to enter a union or marriage. In Polish Registrar Offices civil servants regularly refused issuing this document to gay and lesbian Polish citizens who wanted to marry their foreign partners abroad, explaining that it is impossible in Poland to get married to a same sex partner.

Up until now, the application form required the applicant to write the name of their future spouse. When the civil servant noticed that the person was of the same sex as the applicant, the Registrar Office refused to issue the civil status certificate which entitled the applicant to get married or enter a union outside Poland. The new certificates will not require information about the name of the foreign partner.

KPH has been working to change this practice for years, working with the European Parliament, the European Commission and the UN to apply pressure on the Polish authorities.  



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