SOCIAL WATCH E-NEWSLETTER - Issue 92 - July 06, 2012

Issue 92 -  July 06, 2012

Rio2012 upheld the right of all people to food

Chili Harvest, Bhutan. (Photo:
Gill Fickling/UN)

The recent Rio2012 Summit upheld the right of all people to food, and the need to support small farmers and promote ecologically-sound agriculture, reported Martin Khor, executive director of South Centre, in his most recent column for The Star, one of the leading Malaysian newspapers.
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Afghanistan Young Leaders claim for proper follow-up mechanisms

The Afghanistan Young Leaders Initiative, a non-partisan and non-political group of young people who share common values and beliefs to address the social, economic and political problems in the country, asked the Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan that will be held on Sunday 8 “a proper follow-up mechanism […] to ensure the promises delivered upon from both the […] government and its international development partners”.
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South Korea and Japan postpone the signing of a military agreement

South Korea postponed last week at the last minute the signing of a major military agreement with Japan. Watchdog group Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice, focal point of Social Watch in the Republic of Korea, said it would help Japan's rearmament and pave the way for its troops to set foot on the peninsula.
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Egyptian NGOs launch campaign to monitor new government’s first 100 days

Seventeen human rights non governmental organizations launched on Wednesday officially launched their “Human Rights in 100 Days” campaign to pressure new Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to follow through on rights of Egyptian citizens.
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“Reclaiming Multilateralism: For People, Rights and Sustainable Development”

“Reclaiming Multilateralism: For People, Rights and Sustainable Development,” a United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service publication written by Barbara Adams and Gretchen Luchsinger, is an analytical think piece that looks at the evolution of the multilateral system in the context of the various challenges posed by the global economic and environmental crises.
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Canadian banks not immune from global crises

Canada is not immune to the banking problems we see abroad, cautions “No More Swimming Naked”, a report released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives written by Ellen Russell, that examines how banks work, why they are inherently prone to instability, and how banking crises spread—even to banks and banking systems that appear to be stable. Russell warns that current regulations did not eliminate problems with risk-taking and overconfident behavior among banks.
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Trouble on the Horizon for GM Crops

Pests are adapting to genetically modified crops in unexpected ways, researchers have discovered. The findings underscore the importance of closely monitoring and countering pest resistance to biotech crops.
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