SOCIAL WATCH E-NEWSLETTER - Issue 97 - August 10, 2012

Issue 97 - August 10, 2012

Civil society organizations call for Lamy panel’s dissolution

Panel on Defining the Future of
Trade. (Photo: TAG-Org)

A number of civil society organizations have strongly objected to the panel of “WTO stakeholders” formed recently by WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy and tasked to examine and analyze challenges to global trade in the 21st century, reported journalist Kanaga Raja on the South-North Development Monitor news service.
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Rights, equality and sustainability in the core of the development agenda

The United Nations is preparing for a post-2015 Development Agenda to replace the Millennium Development Goals, with an advisory panel announced last week and a possible Development Summit in 2015, wrote Martin Khor, executive director of South Centre, in his most recent column for The Star, one of the leading Malaysian newspapers.
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Asia: “Regain momentum in the fight against climate change”

At least 25 Asian and international civil society organizations are calling to “act swiftly” to avoid “the impending disaster” and to “regain our momentum and defeat the system by targeting the source” of the global environmental crisis. Some of the groups that signed the appeal are the Movement for National Land and Agricultural Reform (Monlar, Sri Lanka), La Via Campesina and Focus on the Global South.
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Peter Niggli: “Water must be subject to public management and control”

Conflicts on water all over the world responds to “the absence of recognized policy mechanisms and public institutions for managing water resources and allocating water in accordance with criteria that can be understood by the public” and can not be settled by market mechanisms, according to Peter Niggli, director of Alliance Sud, focal point of Social Watch in Switzerland.
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Canada: Ottawa-based organizations live under one roof

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' national office have just been moved to Under One Roof Properties, project that unites Ottawa-based progressive organizations with shared office spaces and facilities, aimed to foster an environment of interaction, collaboration and movement for social change.
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